Knight Online – No Cheats


Minimum Requirement

Operating System Windows 98/2000/XP/ME

CPU Celeron 300

Memory 128 MB

Hard Disk Space 400MB

Video Card 16MB or above 3D Display Cards with DirectX support

Additional Software DirectX 8.1 or Above

“In the beginning there was chaos. Timeless energies swirled in a great mass of color and light in the soundlessness of space. Over the millennia the energies gained substance and began to weave itself into the fabric of what would one day spell life.

Out of this fabric a thread, an insignificant piece of power disentangled itself from the mass. While the essence of this thread was one and the same as the energies which at the very moment were evolving, it changed along a separate path. It alone gained consciousness.”

Knight Online is set in a medieval time of orcs, trolls, and apes? Anyway, it is set in a world of magic. There is the good country, called Elmorad and the evil country, Karus. The same names are for the races.

The Humans, the Elmorad, have a choose of three classes which are: Barbarian, Male El Moradian, Female El Moradian.

The barbarian is the strongest class, if you are a barbarian you can only be a warrior, and you can only be male for some reason. The El Moradian can be any other classes, which are Warrior, Magician, Priest, And Rogue and can be either Male or Female.

The Orc thingys, otherwise known as Karus ingame. They all have weird and wonderful names so I will just refer to them as there professions since that will be easier for people to understand. Firstly, there is the Aarch Tuarek, which is basically the Karus barbarian, in that it can only be a Warrior. Tuarek can be either a Priest or a Rogue. Wrinkle Tuarek is the Karus Magician. Finally, the only female of the Karus is Puri Tuarek, which can only be a Priest.

Each new player in Knight Online picks one occupation at the start of there journey, but at level 10 you can then further your occupation. Like most MMORPG, there are several occupations to choose from, there are four for each race and they are referred to differently in each race. Each of the occupations has it’s own unique skills.

Warrior – Elmorad/Karus – ‘Blade’/’Berserker’ – Their role is to fight hand to hand and defend the others with a few buffs.

Rogue – Elmorad/Karus – ‘Hunter/Ranger’ – Their role is to attack from a distance or to use stealth, also they can buff.

Magician – Elmorad/Karus – ‘Mage/Sorcerer’ – Their role is to use magic to do most of the damage or to slow enemies down.

Priest – Elmorad/Karus – ‘Cleric/Shaman’ – Their role is to heal the group, and curse enemies, also they can cure illness and curses.

Every time someone levels up they get 3 ability points, which can be put into categories that affect your character.

Strength is mainly for warriors, but priests need it to, so they can use better weapons.

Health is for everyone really, but works best on warriors and rogues since they get added MP (magic power).

Dexterity is for rogues, it affects the attack success rate and attack power.

Intelligence affects the MP for priests and magicians.

Magic Power determines the attack power for magicians skills.

There are also common skills ingame, mostly they are self explanatory like the others, they are:

Command – Adds to the command ability in an army

Politics – It is possible to practice politics in a nation

Siege Weapons – Lets the player use siege weapons

Language – Lets the player translate the opposite races language.


There are many different types of weapons, to many to mention here and combinations that can be used in Knight Online, for example purposes I will use swords. Players can use a one handed sword and shield, two one handed swords, a two handed sword. Except, there are also axes, maces and spears (well one handed spears, then pole arms). They are the hand to hand weapons. Also, there are the other classes weapons, such as dagger, bow, staff, priest mace and shield (like I said before). Daggers and bows are used by rogues, depending on the type of rogue you wish to be. Staffs are used by magicians, and priest maces are used by, you guessed it, priests.


Like the weapons in Knight Online, there are to many to mention here so instead I will just talk about the different types of armour, there is armour for each of the races, which has different requirements, also different durability’s.

Unique Items

Each of the unique items, such as earrings, necklaces, pendant, amulet, ring, belt, have different abilities on them, some add to strength, health, and intelligence. Others add to certain magic types or add to the defence of the player.


These are the potions to heal HP, MP, curses, upgrades, and quest items. I am pretty sure included in here should be the items that can be brought for real money, as that is how the developers of Knight Online makes their money. There are scrolls to give bonuses like double exp etc.


Item upgrading has become more and more popular in MMORPG, and now it is very easy to do in Knight Online. Armour and weapons can be upgraded using scrolls which can be collected from monsters, or brought from other players, some of the less reliable scrolls can be brought from NPCs though.

There are four types of scrolls, which are:

Item Upgrade Scroll

This type of scroll will increase the item by +1, the damage will go up, as long as the upgrade is successful. The limit is +10 though, and there is a certain failure rate.

Reduce Scroll

This scroll will reduce the requirements of the item it is used on, it can only be used once, and there is again a certain failure rate.

Elemental Scroll

This one will add a elemental property, the types of elemental damage it can add are: fire, ice, thunder, poison etc. It also has a certain failure rate, but it can change a unique item to a upgradeable item with a 100% chance of working.

Dispel Scroll

This one will add a elemental property to a staff, it will add something like fire or ice, it is 100% as well.


Since there again so many skills to mention in this review, I will just note down the basic skills to give you the idea of each of the professions. For each of the races there are different skills, but since I am just doing the basic skills they have the same basic spells.

Warrior Skills

Sprint – This increases the speed of which you run. Level 1

Slash – This inflicts 120% damage to the enemy. Level 3

Crash – This raises the attack rate by x1.5. Level 5

Defense – Increases the defence of the player, temporarily. Level 7

Piercing – Increases the attack rate by x2. Level 10

Priest Skills

Tiny Healing – Heal party members health by 15HP. Level 1

Light Strike – A light magic attack. Level 2

Strength – Increase party members strength by 15. Level 4

Light Healing – Heal party members health by 30HP. Level 5

Resist Poison – Increase party members poison resistance by 20. Level 6

Brightness – A stronger light magic attack. Level 7

Tiny Restore – Increase party members HP by 50 for 20 seconds. Level 8

Rogue Skills

Sprint – This increases the speed of which you run. Level 1

Archery – Shoot arrow. Level 3

Dagger Thrust – Inflict 150% damage with a dagger. Level 5

Swift – Increase party members running speed. Level 10

Power of Wolf – Increases surrounding party members attack, Uses Blood of Wolf item. Level 30

Magician Skills

Flash – A Magic attack to damage enemy. Level 1

Shiver – Inflicts damage to enemy for period of time. Level 3

Summon Party Members – Summon party members. Level 4

Flame – Burn a enemy. Level 5

Cold Wave – Attack which reduces a enemy’s attack speed. Level 7

Spark – Ignite inside of enemy’s body + disperse magic attack. Level 9

Gate – Teleport to respawn area. Level 15

Escape – Teleport all of party to your respawn area. Level 35


The quests really help new players, the first quest all players should do is the worm one, you have to collect 5 silk bundles from worms, and you should receive some exp, that is a great way to level up, especially when just starting out. Most of the quests are normally RPG quests, where you have to kill something or find something/someone to and then return to the person who gave you the quest or find someone else. They are the best way for new players to level up though, and some are a good source of income.


There are many monsters in Knight Online, and are found in various locations, they respawn regularly so levelling up is relatively easy. For each of the monsters there are different kinds of monsters the further you go away from the towns, they get much stronger as you go further away, but drop better and give more experience points, but are harder to get to. They range from werewolves to trolls to apes. The weakest is Worms, which are level 1, the strongest are Dread Mare which can go up to level 175, which is the highest level monster ingame right now, and that would need very high level group to defeat it.


Trading is a big part of Knight Online for a lot of players, it is how some players make all of their money. There are two ways to trade, there is the traditional way were you are trading with only one person. Although, Knight Online isn’t a traditional RPG really, so they included a auction type of trading, so you can see other peoples items they want to see, only one person can view another persons auction at a time though.


Lunar Gate War

This is a massive PvP event were you have to attack the other nations base and kill all the NPCs in there base. You have to be level 30 to enter this event, and only the first 120 players who teleport to Lunar Valley at the servers event times. All the times are GMT-8. If you win, as a nation, you get to attack the other nations hometown.

You will only gain nation points from this event, once you kill all the NPC’s from a town it is considered to be taken over by the attacking nation.

Castle Siege War

In this even you work as a clan to try and take over the castle, the reason people want this is because the castle collects taxes from Moradon and Delos, and the owner can get that money. Siege weapons can be used to attack the castle which can be very helpful to the attackers. No experience or nation points are awarded in this PvP event.

Forgotten Temple

There are two different forgotten temples, one for level 60+ and one for level 46-59. Only the frist 32 people can get into the temple, there are no penalties, and you can only earn experience unless you win the temple then you can get a treasure chest at each shrine. There is a 30 minute time restriction in there, but you can group with anyone, even the different race.


The graphics aren’t anything special at all really, but it is 3D, then edges are a bit flat, and the attention to detail isn’t that great.


The sounds are good quality, and distinctive to each area and each monster.


The gameplay is pretty much normal, but with some good quests, levelling up from level 1-25 is relatively easy, it can be done in 1-2 days if you play quite abit or know where and how to level up.


Overall it is a relatively normal game, it is the best FREE MMORPG I have played, and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have much money right now, but wants to pass away the hours having fun. After all that’s what games are about, having fun. Playing this, for me, was fun.